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The idea for a product like Iron Jaws was brought to life over 20 years ago when one of its Co-Founders was watching the nightly news. The story was about a fatal accident involving an improperly connected trailer that had come free from its tow vehicle and struck another motorist, killing him. He also knew from experience that even a trailer connected with safety chains that came loose from the hitch ball was going to cause damage to the tow vehicle, the trailer and contents or worse yet, another vehicle or person. Being the innovative type he decided to take action. First, he asked himself if there was a way of "locking" the coupler/trailer tongue to the hitch ball from above and below via a "sandwich/jaw” that would prevent even an improperly connected trailer to remain attached. This was one of many, many ideas this Co-Founder had over his lifetime, but he did not have the time, resources or business experience to make it happen.

Fast forward to 2017. The Co-Founder had become friends with a retired businessman and serial entrepreneur who was looking for projects he and his sons could get passionate about and make a difference in people’s lives. One afternoon the pair were having a casual conversation and the subject of towing safety came up. During the following conversation, they concluded that nothing had been done, during at least the last 30 years, to help stabilize and reinforce control if a trailer hitch was improperly connected and had to rely only on the safety chains. The son then devoted his full time efforts over the next 18 months working tirelessly with professional design engineers bring the sandwich/jaw concept into reality. One of our main issues was finding a design that both provided the protection we were looking for and was easy to use.  After multiple rounds of prototypes, testing, rework, and re-testing, we came out with first release of Iron Jaws. We currently offer both a heavy-duty and light-duty design both of which have been tested for strength and stress levels by the same with certified testing labs used by the major trailer coupler and hitch ball mount plate manufacturers. The devices were put through the exact same test as the coupler on your trailer today and the light-duty version held up to 2,800lbs of constant force and the heavy-duty version exceeded 20,000lbs of constant force. 

Now we are excited to offer Iron-Jaws. An innovative new product Precision Engineered in the U.S.A. and designed to prevent trailer related accidents and keep Americans safe. This project is one that we are passionate about because we have witnessed trailers come free and know what damage a “free” trailer can cause.  It is our goal to ensure luck is not a factor in preventing a trailer accident for you.



Local news story emphasizes trailer safety.


The Fox 9 Investigators went to the Minnesota Highway Safety Center in St. Cloud to get a lesson in runaway trailer physics. At 55 mph it becomes unattached and shoots off the road, going hundreds of feet before coming to a stop. After that, it's simple physics -- the bigger the object, the more devastating the force. "It's like a missile coming at you," said Instructor Larry Nadeau. "What you saw on a closed course is how much energy is involved when something comes unsecured from a vehicle."

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