Q: Why can’t I just use safety chains?

A: Safety chains are required by the DOT in all states. However, there are some issues.

  1. Many times people don’t install the chains correctly and should their coupler/hitch system fail the results are potentially catastrophic.

  2. Even when chains are installed properly should your trailer become detached and it is only attached via chains you have ZERO control over your trailer. The trailer can swing violently once you are relying on chains, potentially causing you to lose control of your vehicle and it can result in the trailer doing serious damage to the rear of your tow vehicle.

Q: What does Iron Jaws do that safety chains don't?

A: Iron Jaws is designed to keep your coupler attached to the ball/hitch even if the system fails or is not secured properly. Iron Jaws provides you full control of your trailer in the event of a coupler failure as if the coupler never came free from the ball.

Q: Can I use Iron Jaws on a drop or rise receiver?

A: Yes, Iron Jaws is designed to be used on drop, standard, and rise receivers.

Q: Can I lock my trailer with Iron Jaws?

A: Yes, there are two holes for securing your receiver side Iron Jaws with a padlock (not included) when it is attached to your tow vehicle.

Q: Will Iron Jaws work on all trailer coupler types?

A: Yes, we have designed two different versions to fit any hitch/ball coupler set-up.

Our light duty version will fit "standard" coupler trailers up to a 2" ball.  Some 2-2/16" balls will work with the Light-Duty version so long as it's not a "bull-nose" coupler. Our Heavy-Duty version will accommodate any type of hitch/ball coupler set-up, even down to the smaller trailers. This version was specifically designed to work with square couplers found on many personal watercraft and boat trailers in addition to taller/bull-nose couplers that require the JAW of the device to sit higher. This version has much great adjustability up/down to accommodate different styles of coupler.

Both versions require your ball to have a 1” ball shank/post to ensure the base of Iron Jaws stays secure.

A new version of Iron Jaws is in production that will accommodate the square trailer coupler. Contact us at with questions.

Q: What type of ball do I need to use?

A: Your ball needs to have a 1" shank/shaft and be 2-5/16" or smaller. The 1" shank is required due to the adjustable base design. If you use a ball with a shank smaller than 1" the base will move and not keep your device in position and your trailer will not stay attached as a result.